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Documentary Photographer

Freelance Photographer


Artist Statement


I live and  work in South West Wales.  My practice focuses on social documentary and portraiture, exploring the representation of people on the margins of society, those under-represented, those mis-represented and diverse community groups. 

My projects start with in-depth research of archival and contemporary materials.  This research leads me to take a closer look at a hidden history, a contemporary issue or a link from the past to the present. 

My projects take on themes that explore community, representation and narrative.  Critically being involved with the subjects, listening to their stories and situations,  including those and their own words in my work, is important to my practice. 

My work takes the form of conceptual, multi-platform storytelling, using archive, spoken word, interviews, still images and video. 

I mostly work in a digital format and moving image, including found and appropriated material and original audio.  


BA Honours (First Class) in Documentary Photography & Photojournalism

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