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This year is the 10th Anniversary of Swansea City of Sanctuary and I have been exploring archival material to find who, when and where people have taken sanctuary in Swansea.  The archives reveal a long history of generosity to groups and individuals in need of a place of refuge and safety.  Many people stayed and many people returned to their homelands, evidence of both are witnessed in the archives.  In 1941 Swansea suffered a three day bombing blitz from Hitlers airforce and some residents of the town found themselves in need of sanctuary.   Today Swansea continues to offer hospitality and sanctuary to people from all over the world, seeking safety from war torn countries, political asylum and natural disasters. 

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The "Basque Children'.  Following the bombing of Guernica in 1937 by Franco 4,000 children were transported to Southampton Docks on the SS Habana arriving in May.  400 of those children were welcomed to Wales and 80 of those came to Swansea. They were given accommodation at Sketty Park Hall and their images recorded and numbered. 

#1 Places of Sanctuary

32,000 Basque children were evacuated following Franco’s bombing of Gernika in 1937

#1 Places of Sanctuary

#2 Places of Sanctuary

‘Sanctuary I think is a place. 

It’s not a special building or not a special house. 

I think it is a country, is a city. 

Is an area without any worries, fears, concerns.’

#3 Places of Sanctuary

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