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Swansea Street Life - #NotAnother Pasty

This was a collaborative project exploring the nuances of street life in Swansea.  Starting off as a project about homelessness, but having engaged with people on the street, it has become apparent, that there is far more to know and understand than you might assume, from the outward appearance of the blanket clad person sitting on the pavement.

The engagement with street people over several weeks and through conversation and 'roll-ups' led to building trust and a series of honest portraits, straight to camera.    

There were also many people who chose not to have their portraits taken.  To represent these people and their stories  I recorded in interviews and created a series of 'no profile picture' images with text, some in their own words and some the legality of the circumstances they described.  

profile dispersal.jpg
profile refugee.jpg
profile pasty.jpg
profile harder.jpg
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